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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Nothing takes the energy out of you than do Finals at Harvard. Down with 2, 2 more to go. Organic Chemistry Final. Morning of, I call my dad. A ritual, I must say. I call him before every final. Probably to hear his soothing voice. However, he did not pick up. I panicked. Where was my dad? So I tried my mother's cell phone. No answer. Then my home phone. No Answer. Tried again. Finally, my mother told me to try calling my dad at his office phone, which I ended up doing and ended up finally finding him (supposedly his cell phone has problems with reception in our tiny town in Tennessee). I asked if Rover was near-by, and as usual, he was. My dad called him over, put me on speaker phone and I said hi. Rover barked back several times. 3 times to be exact. In my mind he yelled, "Good Luck Christine!" But in reality he probably yelled, "Give me food!"

After the test, I ran home as quickly as I could through the slowly but ever surely melting crisp white snow that only northern places can have on their grounds for weeks and weeks. 3 hour finals do not suit me, but in order not to waste time, I never take the bathroom breaks that they write on the menacing chalk boards in big limestone letters. But once that first person gets up to use the restroom, it seems like a throng of toiler users follow--seemingly like the first person reminded them of their ability and free will to take precious time out of their final exam at Harvard University to use the bathroom.

The day passed, I slept, dreamt. At night, originally our blocking group (bgroup) was going to purchase an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins to celebrate, belatedly, Peter's birthday (on the 14th). However, being thrifty college students we are, Steve and I looked online for Basking Robbins coupons (Which I highly encourage everybody to do. just google 'baskin robbings coupons' and you will find many). The one we found that we could legitimately use before it expired was the Buy one sundae get another free. Peter's birthday was therefore two ice cream sundaes. We resorted to playing taboo the rest of the night with visitors coming in and out at random times at night. Later on at the all chocolate brain break, we devoured chocolate like we hadn't eaten in days. Then we played chubby bunny in rounds. Steve was the winner of the girl round, and Peter and Jack were the "manliest men" of their "man" round. :P Needless to say, it was an interesting day. Now if only every day could consist of random misadventurez and guapo chicos vying for my love.... sigh.

And another day of my life has passed. Treasure your memories. <33

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  • At 9:43 AM , Blogger rclee21 said...

    Whats, what is chubby bunny?

  • At 12:08 AM , Anonymous Jon said...

    You stuff as many marshmallows into your mouth as possible (sometimes with a time limit).

    Person with the most that keeps all of them in his or her mouth and says 'chubby bunny' wins.

    There are many variations on these rules, but the premise is: you stuff as much stuff into your mouth as possible.


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